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    Two Density Rubber Molding Machine

    Features of this machine

    1. Driven  by  hydraulic  pressure. Can  work  in  manual  state  and  in  automation.

    2. In  order  to  reduce  energy  consumption, energy  accumulator  is  used  to  guarantee  the  pressure  in  the  hydraulic  system, with  saving  energy  about  30%.

    3. Last, bottom  core  and  side  mold  heated, temperature  controlled  and  displayed  all  separately.

    4. Automatically  turn  over  last by  hydraulic  pressure(one  mold  with  2 lasts). Bottom  core  can  go  up  and  down  and  it  can buckle  tightly  and  automatically.

    5. Adopt  parallel  double  joined  boarding  clamp  mold  framework, which  is  driven  directly  by  double  cylinder.

    6. The  customer  requirements  pressure  LAST . And  DESMA  Equipment i nstitutions .

    7. .One  set  of  this  machine’s  mechanism, hydraulic  system  and  electric  parts  are  all  closed  in  an  entirety, so  very  convenient to  adjust  and  install.

    8. One  mold  has  two  lasts. When  one  last  works  in  sulfuration, the  other  one  can  prepare  uppers  for  higher  efficiency.

    9. For  mold’s  adjustment  and  installation,manual  buttons  can  rotate  last, press  last, clamp  mold  and  make  bottom  core  up and  down.

    10. The  molds  of  our  machines  are  interchangeable  with  DESMA’s. 

    The main technical parameters

    Number of stations
    Bottom core pressure MPa


    Flip flip left and right angle
    Flip stop angle
    Frame size mm(LxWxH) 440x200x95
    Molding stroke mm 65x2
    Pick up the itinerary mm 110
    Bottom core lifting stroke mm 45
    total weight T 2.2
    Fuel tank capacity L 250
    Oil pump motor power KW 2.2
    heating power KW 6.4
    Among the shoe last power KW 300Wx4 1.2
    Bottom core power KW 300Wx4 1.2
    Side mode power KW 1000Wx4 4.0
    Dimensions mm(LxWxH) 1700x1750x1900
    Machine weight kg 2300